A Fresh Approach

Proactive, personable, professional staff elevate our custodial and maintenance services far above the industry standard. A positive attitude that makes everything brighter.


We believe delivering service that exceeds every expectation starts by employing the very best people. We train them well, treat them well and it’s reflected in their attitude and performance. They enjoy their work… and it shows in everything they do.

Our Services

Everclean provides a full suite of janitorial and maintenance services for a variety of commercial and work environments. Each package is custom tailored to your facility and its specific needs. We can design a program that augments your existing staff, while maintaining flexibility for the future. We assign you a dedicated Site Manager who will oversee every aspect of your operations.

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Our staff efficiently fulfill all your interior custodial requirements from general cleaning and floor buffing to day porter and food court services. All with two added benefits; because they’re hired for personality as well as cleaning skills, our people bring a positive, friendly attitude to your workplace and your patrons. We also treat them well, so you’ll experience less turnover and greater continuity of service. Our people get to know your space extremely well and will provide a consistently reliable level of exceptional service.

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We can provide staff to keep your grounds and parking areas immaculate. From maintaining walkways, common areas and parking lots to managing garbage and waste, our people don’t just clean, they shine.

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Our people come with a solid background in construction and can manage lighting, checking electrical infrastructure, HVAC systems and automated building controls as well as help set up and strike seasonal displays.   

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Retail/Malls/ Shopping Centres

We specialize in retail and commercial spaces, custom designing a facility package that suits your building and delivers exceptional reliable service that will please tenants and impress patrons.

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Post Secondary Institutions

We perform to a higher standard. We have considerable experience in understanding and adapting to the specific needs of universities and community colleges. From food courts and cafeterias to classrooms and common areas, we’ll supply staff who consistently deliver first class service.

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Office/Commercial/ Hospitality

After analyzing your particular needs, we’ll recommend a specific program staffed with the appropriate professionals. Convention facilities have highly individualized needs and we have particular expertise in serving these venues.

Careers at Everclean

Our philosophy is very simple. To be the best we need to hire the best.  Then we treat them better than any other company in the industry. We take pride in every member of our team, investing in each relationship, rewarding initiative and promoting individual potential.

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