Why Everclean


Our mission is to set a new standard in our field. To be the exception, not the typical. Our operation model is linked to shared values. With our people and our clients. We rule by aligning ourselves with those who believe everyone and everything matters. This shared ethos defines how we show up for ourselves, our people, and our clients. We pride ourselves on keeping our word and hiring those who are invested to make a difference. Our training programs heighten that into obsession. We learned early that this made us unique. Our culture is our secret sauce. You’ll see that reflected in our new identity where we point to our core values. Our trademark of sorts. Not just in its articulation, but in how we live it. Our belief is security, janitorial, and support teams are more than a cog in the process or a line item on an expense ledger. They aren’t passive roles to do what our industry has always done, but rather an opportunity to be active contributors to our client’s customer experiences. We blur the lines between our brand of people and our client’s brands. This is what we mean by “we build people, we build teams.” We work in partnership with our clients to create holistic customer experiences that give unheard of value. It’s about all of us joining together to be one big powerhouse team—giving it our everything and going all in. That’s the power of togetherness. That’s Kandor.


Everclean offers complete, seamless maintenance services tailored to your sites and property holdings for worry-free operations. We’re a team of public-facing ambassadors with exemplary custodian and facilities management services, interior and exterior upkeep, with skilled trades—ready to elevate your premises.

Unmatched Client Retention

Your dedicated Site Manager will meticulously coordinate your site services. Everclean deploys digital quality controls to ensure 100% client satisfaction with systems that monitor efficiency and drive accountability. We ensure service levels meet all expectations with real-time key performance indicators, to provide clients with shared access and transparency. 

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